1. Behaviour

  • Respect other players and staff. Rude or disrespectful behaviour is not tolerated. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Spreading rumours
    • Disrespecting or slandering towns, nations, staff or players
    • Offensive language or topics
    • Excessive swearing towards another player
    • Any form of harassment
    • Anything that can be deemed inappropriate
    • Any form of bullying
    • Any form of racism, homophobia and other forms of discrimination
    • Sharing other players personal information (real names, phone numbers, addresses etc)
    • Offensive content (skins, usernames, builds, items, messages etc)
    • Anything that can be deemed a threat

2. Alt Accounts 

  • Players may not have multiple accounts. Alts of any form are prohibited. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Account sharing
    • Using an alt to evade a ban
    • Using an alt for any unfair advantage such as claiming a referral reward or gaining additional event items

3. Building 

  • No offensive or inappropriate builds
  • Respect other towns boundaries
  • Do not build within 10 chunks of someone else's build, unless you have been given clear permission to do so
    • The one exception to this rule is the Main Mapart world, where that 10 chunk limit is just a 1 chunk limit. Make sure you claim your planned Mapart area so nobody starts a project where you were going to!
  • Spider claiming is not allowed. This includes any way of claiming plots that allows you to abuse the fact that Rule 3.3 will not allow other players to claim in between your claims
  • You must claim each chunk you use to build
  • You cannot claim public, server or resource spots. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Anywhere in any non-main world
    • The Main-End Spawn Island
    • World spawn points
    • A server or player-made public spot such as a public farm
  • Give credit where credit is due, do not take credit for someone else's work
  • Permanent builds should be created in Main Worlds to avoid deletion when the Resource worlds reset 
  • Litematica is allowed, for the purpose of allowing you to trace a schematic
    • Easy Place is also allowed, but only for the purpose of building. You must use it strictly for building a permanent build or Mapart.
    • Any method that uses any sort of building aid or mod, in a way that is a deemed "exploiting" by staff, is strictly prohibited. Be mindful with how you use them.

4. Unfair Advantage 

  • Any form of unfair advantage is not tolerated. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Mods that give players an unfair advantage (if unsure whether a mod is allowed, please ask staff first)
    • Cheaty clients
    • X-ray
    • Automatic functions (auto mining/clicking)
    • Any form of macro/programs
    • Exploiting any bug or accidental in-game feature and using it to your advantage. As an example, if a job action is paying you $100m for placing a block of stone, this is clearly a bug, and should be reported not used
    • Allowed mods: game engine performance mods, mini-maps, Litematica 

5. Bugs & Glitches 

  • Any exploitation of plugin/vanilla bugs is considered an unfair advantage and will be punished as such. This includes but is not limited to: 
    • Duplicating items
    • Breaking blocks not meant to be broken
    • Obtaining unobtainable blocks
    • Getting into restricted areas
    • Anything that give you/your town any advantage through a bug/glitch
    • Any attempt to bypass the anti AFK system 
    • Please report any bugs/glitches to staff ASAP 

6. Customizable Items 

  • Inappropriate or disrespectful names, skins, tags, map art, signs, pixel art, books, etc. (anything customizable) may result in a ban until changed
  • Any renamed or edited items must not cause chat spam when showcased, so names and lores must not be too long. If you’re unsure, ask any staff

7. Scamming

  • Any form of scamming is not tolerated. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Deceptive items meant to imitate valuable items/currency
    • Taking advantage of new players
    • Selling goods for an absurd amount of money (this includes listing things overpriced as "donation" items)
    • Chest shops buying ridiculously below market value
    • Exploiting any clearly incorrect pricing from a player such as leaving a 0 off a chest shop price
    • Not following through with player to player deals (if hiring another player to do a job, the job must be completed and the worker must be paid the full agreed upon amount)

8. Advertisement

  • Any form of in game advertising should be done in trade chat. Excessive or over-the-top advertising will result in a punishment
  • Advertisement items on the auction house are prohibited
  • No advertising other minecraft servers or discord servers 
    • This includes mentioning any other server in any chat
    • A private discord channel for your town members is allowed, but you may not share it outside your town or use it for any advertisement purposes 
  • No advertising any related services such as your content creation channels, other MC servers, other games etc

9. Reporting

  • Report any players breaking rules directly to staff, preferably with proof/evidence. This can be done through messages in game, or via a ticket in the server discord
  • If reporting a staff member, please message an owner directly via discord
  • Multiple false reports without evidence may result in punishment
  • Refrain from creating blank tickets, please immediately respond with your issue

10. IRL Trading 

  • IRL Trading (in-game money/items for real money) is not supported by SolaceMC
    • We cannot track/confirm payments outside of our platforms
    • Trading store items for in-game money is supported as this is trackable
    • Trading in-game money for real money is not allowed as we cannot track this 

11. Griefing & Stealing 

  • Griefing/defacing any player's builds without permission is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Placing blocks within 10 chunks of another town/claim
    • Breaking blocks within 10 chunks of another town/claim
    • Defacing unclaimed areas
    • Not replanting crops
    • Any form of damage to another players builds/town
  • Stealing items, loot, mob drops, etc, from other players is prohibited. This also includes:
    • Using a map to steal mapart
    • Following players during an event to steal items/loot
    • Copying designs/builds from another player without permission
    • Towns in ruin may be claimed after 3 months upon player request. Claiming towns/chunks within 10 chunks of another town without permission may result in the town/claim being removed. In the case of an accident, the town may be moved
    • Stealing from unprotected chests, unless they are specifically tagged as some sort of community or shared chest 

12. PVP

  • PvP is allowed granted that both players consent. Attacking a player who does not consent, will result in punishment
  • Make use of /warp pvp to guarantee you don’t lose items or exp whilst fighting your friends 

13. Redstone & Farms

  • Redstone machines or farms producing high amounts of lag may be removed automatically. Avoid creating structures that produce lots of lag
    • No lag machines
    • No flying machines
    • No mob farms spawning an unreasonable amount of mobs
    • No zero tick farms
    • Auto-brewers and cookers are allowed within the redstone limits so long as they do not produce immense lag
    • No spawning a high amount of bosses or mobs such as Wither’s, Snow Golems etc

14. Mutes and Bans

  • It is strictly forbidden to work around a mute. This involves using signs, books, paper or any other trick to talk to players in-game
  • If you lash out whilst muted in any form, your punishment will be elevated. You must deal with the punishment with staff directly, in private channels
  • Appeals must be done through the discord via a ticket, do not reach out to any staff directly for this purpose

15. Store Purchases

  • Store purchases are non-refundable in all cases. If there is an error, staff will be able to help resolve it. SolaceMC staff reserve the right to accept or deny any refund request for any reason.
  • Activating a chargeback will result in an immediate permanent IP ban and you will also lose any claim to the money
  • Personalised tags must follow the following set of rules:
    • Inappropriate or offensive words are forbidden
    • All tags must be written in English
    • The first letter must be uppercase, and the rest lowercase
    • The tag must be one word
    • The full tag will be in bold
    • No other effects such as underlines or strikethroughs are allowed
    • Event related terms may be denied (Halloween, Christmas, Valentines etc) as we may have them planned for future use
    • They can be no longer than 10 letters long, and can only contains letters from the alphabet
    • The tag can be a gradient but only from a maximum of 2 colours - You pick a start colour and an end colour and the gradient will fill in the rest
    • Any use of our signature Solace gradient is not allowed as this can be confusing with in-game announcements
    • No tags that are deemed “reasonably similar” by staff to any existing tags, in both name and colour
    • Staff have the right to reject any tag for any reason, and can also withdraw permission to a previously accepted tag at any time
  • In the case of crate keys, remember you are purchasing an item that will give random rewards, and therefore you must accept the risk associated with that. You can preview the items in any crate on the store or in-game

16. Chat Rules

  • No spamming. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Character spam
    • Excessive capitalization or symbols filling chat
    • Flooding chat
    • Repeating the same message multiple times
    • Swearing is permitted given it is in moderation, without intent to hurt someone, and not targeted at another player
  • Do not share your own or others personal information
  • Steer away from controversial topics in general chat (this includes harmful substances, triggering experiences, etc)
  • Any form of staff/player impersonation is prohibited
  • Keep chat appropriate and respectful
  • Please keep all conversations in English in /general
  • Any conversation that makes any player uncomfortable

17. Chunk Limits

  • Beds: 20 (each bed counts as 2, so the limit in game is 40 blocks, allowing you to place 20 beds)
  • Hoppers: 20 
  • Redstone: 60
  • Spawners: 8
  • Tiles: 256
  • Hopper Minecarts: 1 per 50 blocks
  • Animals: 20 (per group)
  • Villager: 45 (per group)
  • Monsters: 20 (per group)
  • Raiders: 15 (per group)
  • Withers: 10 (per group)
  • Note: Animals and Monsters are part of the same group, along with ambient mobs, fish and raid mobs! 

18. Punishment Rules

  • Punishments are taken on a case-by-case basis, and thus no past punishment for any rule break will necessarily be given the same punishment the next time
  • Previous punishments (including warnings) may be taken into account to determine harsher ones if behaviour does not change
  • Any method to evade any punishments is also obviously against the rules 
  • Conversations with other players, in any setting related to the server in any way, are subject to the same rules, and can result in punishments on SolaceMC. This includes but is not limited to:
    • DM's between two SolaceMC players
    • Discord channels made specifically for any Town in-game
    • Emails or any other form of digital communication between players
  • *Note: these rules can change at any time and SolaceMC staff reserve the right to punish on any grounds they deem necessary 
  • In any cases where the rules are different in different places, the rules at take priority, as the official rules for SolaceMC
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